Surface Types

Synthetic Turf


Made from non-abrasive polyethylene, the fibers are manufactured in sheets, cut into thin strips, then slit with razors to create multiple strands. Before installation, the fibers appear rather wide. However, after the installation process and field use, the fibers “bloom” or separate as they are designed to do, allowing them to capture and absorb the infill. These fibers reduce splash.


Monofilament fibers are single strands of yarn made to closely resemble the appearance of grass blades and are not designed to split. Each fiber is extruded individually through a spinneret. Shapes and polymer blends vary among manufacturers. The “spine-like” design stays erect and plays like natural grass.

Dual Fibers

This 50/50 combination of slit-film and monofilament fibers produce the benefits of both fibers.

Natural Turf

When looking to achieve a true grass experience, natural turf can be rolled out as a precise, level playing surface.