Infill Options

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Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber is derived from scrap tires that are ground up and recycled. Two types of crumb rubber infill are ambient and cryogenic. Crumb rubber infill is substantially metal free, and, according to the STC Guidelines for Crumb Rubber Infill, should not contain liberated fiber in an amount that exceeds .01% of the total weight of crumb rubber.

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EPDM Infill

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a polymer elastomer with strong resistance to wear and tear. It will not change solid form under high temperatures. Typical EPDM colors are green and tan. EPDM has proven durability in a variety of climates. Its elasticity properties and resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents provide a stable, successful performance.

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Sand (Silica) Infill

Pure silica sand is one of the original synthetic turf infill components. This product is natural, non-toxic, chemically stable, and fracture resistant. Silica sand infills are typically tan, off-tan or white in color, and round or sub-round in shape. As a natural product there’s no possibility of heavy metals, and the dust/turbidity rating is less than 100. It may be used in combination with other infills to provide a safe, more natural playing surface. It is important that silica sand have a high purity round shape (greater than 90%) to resist crushing and absorption of bacteria and other field contaminants. Silica sand may be coated and used as an individual infill product, or may be combined with other infills.

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Coated Silica Sand Infill

This high-purity silica sand with a soft or rigid coating specifically engineered for synthetic turf. These coatings are either elastomeric or acrylic (non-toxic) and create a bond with the sand grain sealing it from bacteria and providing greater performance and durability. Coated sand is available in various sizes and may be used with or without a pad and are available in various colors. The consistency of coated sand infill provides ballast and shock absorbing qualities.

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TPE Infill

Thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) infill is non-toxic and heavy metal free, and available in a variety of colors. TPE is durable, resists fading, and 100% recyclable and reusable as infill when the turf is replaced. TPE offers consistent performance and exceptional g-max ratings over a broad temperature range.

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Organic Infill

Made from natural materials that are odor free and non-toxic, organic infill has become a popular choice. The fibers boast a natural resistance to mold, mildew, and decay and allow for clean water runoff. As an absorptive organic material, this infill locks in water that is then released when sunlight warms the turf to create a cooler playing surface. Superior foot stability and pressure distribution is safer and less abrasive for athletes. And, with 100% recyclable materials, organic infill can be repurposed in an environmentally friendly way.

Coated Rubber Infill

Rubber can be coated with colorants, sealers, or anti-microbial substances if desired. Coated rubber provides additional aesthetic appeal, reduction of dust by-products during the manufacturing process, and complete encapsulation of the rubber particle.